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VIAJERO // army

VIAJERO // army

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The MOXHI Viajero has adventure written all over it. But if you just use it to go to the park an afternoon, we won't tell...

  • Beautiful mix of genuine organic leather and high-quality textile
  • Strong cotton straps with a leather strip
  • Cotton lining inside
  • Extra safe strap fastening
  • Inside pocket
  • Outside pocket on front
  • Perfect backpack size, suited for daily use
  • H: 46 cm | W: 37 cm | (when packed normally) D: ~15 cm
  • Artisan Design: handcrafted in El Palomar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
MOXHI Artisan Leonardo"We based this design on the old stories of heroic travelers, on those who explored new lands and their secrets; the Viajero fits the modern reimagining of this type traveler, always exploring new sights in the cities."

Leonardo, MOXHI Artisan


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