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CUERO // classic

CUERO // classic

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The Cuero is a one-of-a-kind messenger briefcase. With its vintage-inspired design it sets itself - and you - apart, while carrying everything you need everywhere!

  • A 100% genuine organic leather
  • Includes flexible and strong leather belt
  • Soft leather interior
  • Extra safe strap fastening
  • Usable both as a small briefcase or a messenger bag
  • H: 26 cm | W: 35 cm | D: ~9 cm
  • Artisan Design: handcrafted in El Palomar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
MOXHI Artisan Leonardo"With the Cuero we wanted to grab the elegance of simple beauty. The design catches the eye, the details are refined and the leather smells just as good as it looks!"

Leonardo, MOXHI Artisan


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