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The MOXHI Story

MOXHI is a social enterprise based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We provide you with handmade bags from Argentina. Bags with a eco-friendly signature, that are crafted with love and passion. Bags that simply need to be seen.

Our brand MOXHI is derived from two words, Mochila and Moxy:

Mochila or, as many Argentineans say, Mochi means ‘backpack’ in Spanish. This is not a coincidence: it was a backpack that ignited the cooperation between MOXHI and the Argentine artisans Leonardo and Cecilia. After traveling through Argentina on a motorcycle, the founder of MOXHI, Tobias de Graaf, decided to return to the capital Buenos Aires for half a year. Here, he met Leonardo and Cecilia and their mochilas hermosas, beautiful backpacks, with which he fell in love instantly. The result of this story is a lifelong friendship and, not to forget, our brand MOXHI.

Moxy is an English word and is used to express a certain kind of courage and a willingness to take risks. That’s to say, ‘someone or something has moxy’. We believe MOXHI breathes moxy: it is the essence of our endeavour. For us, moxy means believing in the quality of craftsmanship, the value of social entrepreneurship and the importance of sustainable ethics. Find that same moxy back in our bags… or in the sustainable and fair trade character of our enterprise!

Argentina Artisans MOXHI

The products you see today are the direct result of an unlikely friendship between the Argentine artisan Leonardo and Dutch entrepreneur Tobias.

Want to know more about the dedication with which the MOXHI bags are made? See the video about the inspiring Argentines who make each MOXHI with their own hands, or read more about the eco leather and high-quality textiles.

Have you already got yourself a MOXHI?

MOXHI Artisans Cecilia and Leonardo at their workshop.

Son Alejandro and father Miguel in their own eco leather factory.

The whole MOXHI team in 2014 - from tanning the leather, to handcrafting the bags and getting them to you!