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Sustainable Materials

It is our goal to use only ecologically responsible materials from Argentina, all of which are sustainably treated to ultimately form the MOXHI bags.

“The MOXHI designs combine three noble materials: the leather of cows, the cotton of plants and the metal of the earth. Each of them naturally complements the other in quality, appearance and overall design.”

-Leonardo, MOXHI Artisan

The eco leather of the MOXHI bags is entirely organic. The hides come from cows that are humanely raised on a little farm in General Madariaga, a locality of the Buenos Aires province, and that graze freely on the outstretched Argentine countryside, the pampas. Unlike most leathers, our leather is sustainably tanned: there is zero toxicity for the environment, as vegetal extracts are used to cure the leather instead of chemicals. This is all done in a small factory of a befriended family of our MOXHI Artisans Leonardo and Cecilia. Click here for more information about how the eco leather is tanned!

The textile cloths are made of cotton from the northern El Chaco province. This high-quality textile is produced environmentally friendly, with residues being used for hospitals' hygienic papers among others. The cloths exist of two layers of thickly woven cotton and are characterized by sturdiness and durability, in addition to their vintage appearance.

Every MOXHI bag features a combination of eco leather, high-quality textile and metal.

The workshop where the eco leather is sustainably tanned.

A sowing machine in the workshop of the MOXHI Artisans Leonardo and Cecilia.