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Our Values

The MOXHI brand stands for fair trade and sustainable values. In our view, creating a better world starts with fair work relations and environmentally friendly crafting methods.

Fair trade: The MOXHI Artisans, led by Leonardo, are independent Argentine entrepreneurs that set their own wages and do not have production quotas. MOXHI works with them to design and realize the MOXHIs in a cooperation based on mutual respect. We are in continuous contact with our Artisans and encourage the passion and dedication with which they handcraft the MOXHI bags that you see in our collection.

Sustainable: The MOXHI bags are sustainable in every respect. Our work methods are respectful towards the environment. The leather is dried with the use of sun and wind rather than in a gas oven. The MOXHI Artisans use the daylight for their work to save electricity and use the sun as an instrument to darken the leather. Also, our products have a fair and honest history: the leather comes from cows that freely roam the Argentine countryside, and the Quebracho tree extract – used to cure the leather – is made from the wood remnants from a local sawmill. And we are very proud to say that every MOXHI is handcrafted out of sustainable materials, among which eco leather, which is treated with vegetal extracts instead of chemicals.

Leonardo working in the outside part of his workshop.

Quebracho tree extract used to cure the leather ecologically.

 The leather is being cut on Leonardo's work table.