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Eco Leather

The leather of the MOXHI bags is entirely organic. The hides come from cows that are humanely raised on a little farm in General Madariaga, a locality of the Buenos Aires province, and that graze freely on the vast Argentine countryside, the pampas. Unlike most leathers, our leather is tanned eco-friendly: there is zero toxicity for the environment, as vegetal extracts are used to cure the leather instead of chemicals. This is all done in a small factory of a befriended family of MOXHI Artisan Leonardo.

The family leather factory is located in Valentín Alsina, likewise in the Buenos Aires province. Italian from origin, this family arrived in Argentina in 1947 and shortly thereafter started their leather factory. To this day, the same family tans the leather and lives in a house adjacent to their workshop. For an impression of Miguel, who was a kid when he moved to Argentina, and his son Alejandro, see the photos below.

In their workshop, the leather is treated with soya oil, rough salt and extracts from the Quebracho tree, made from otherwise useless wood snippets of a nearby sawmill. This gives the eco leather its natural look and durable feel; not to mention the amazing scent of the leather! After the leather is treated with the vegetal extracts, it is dried with use of the wind and the sun. For this purpose, the building features holes in its walls.

The MOXHI Artisan Leonardo also give the leather a special oil treatment, using oil made from the bones of the same cows. This preserves the elasticity of the leather over time and highlights the colour and the unique details of every piece of leather. See how this is done in our video on their artisanal handicraft.

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